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Samfya is situated in the Luapula Province of Zambia. It is on the edge of the Western shore of Lake Bangweulu, about 10km east of the main road between Mansa and Serenje. This is a small trading and lake-transport town and yet has quite a bit to offer visitors. Samfya is the largest town on the shores of Lake Bangweulu. ‘Bangweulu’ means ‘The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky.’ The Lake is more of a fish source than tourist potential, for now. The main catches in the Lake are bream, tigerfish, yellow belly and catfish. Thousands of tons of fish are harvested from the Lake each year. Samfya is on a tarred road which links the province to the Great North Road at Serenje. This includes the longest bridge in Zambia, the Luapula Bridge in the far south-east corner of the district.

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