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We Take You To Any Destination Of Your Choice.

Bantu Pathfinders is a Boutique Destination Management and Tour Operator Company based in Livingstone, Zambia. Our Mission is to Market Zambia and the region as a tourist destination and provide tourism services to all potential clients. We pledge to offer sustainable quality and affordable services with honest, integrity and environmentally friendly practices. Enjoy more affordable and exciting travel with the help from our travel local experts based in Livingstone, Zambia. Bantu Pathfinders Ltd are your travel and lodging experts that take you away from the "ordinary" and put you in the middle of the "extraordinary." Contact us now for fantastic travel packages at prices that won't break your budget. We Do it All for You Whether you are a business or a leisure traveler, we at Bantu Pathfinders Ltd offer the perfect travel options. Our friendly staff is equipped with the state of the art tools that will make your travel planning very easy and effective. ​ Among others, Zambia's appeal lies in its cheerful people, whose hospitality is without any doubt incomparable to anything you have experienced or seen before. Need we mention that as a tourist destination, Zambia reputably holds its own with its breathtaking sites, unforgettable tours, artistic traditions and rich cultures of its 73 tribal groups. The issue of accommodation should not bother you. Accommodation ranges from 5 star hotels, lodges to backpackers. We just recommend you book your accommodation and activities in advance as they could get fully booked and deny you the very reason you planned your holiday. Booking in advance guarantees and secures optional activities long before your arrival and this comes with a deposit. We have prepared and published most of the itineraries on our website to allow our clients to have a variety to choose. In case of a special safari package our consultant team work perfectly with our clients to tailor and customize itineraries. We assure you that we will be happy to avail the best as per your desire. Our team will never let you down and feel free to reach us for a fast safari package quote. Unprecedented experience awaits you .